Camping∗∗∗∗ Hôtel∗∗ La Rivière Les eyzies

The River, holidays as we like them!

t few meters from the right bank of the Vézère river, facing the village of Les Eyzies and under the close watch of Paul Dardé’s famous “Primitive Man” statue, lies the camping La Rivière. This 7 hectares family estate camping-hotel offers both traditional and out of the ordinary accommodations throughout the year. Welcome to a human scale sustainable camping and welcome to a great holiday!

In 2008 we decided to take over from our parents. We are the third generation to succeed one another on this estate. The camping started with a piece of land our grandparents had set up for a group of archaeologists who wanted to pitch tents before going to excavate the region’s rich prehistoric caves. Our goal is to preserve the family’s spirit and keep sustainably developing our amazing environment.


As forerunners in ecology, we were the very first campsite in Dordogne to obtain the European Ecolabel back in 2010. Today we concentrate our energy in promoting local projects by joining the “Ecotourism in the Vézère Valley” charter. Concretely what does the charter imply? In addition to our solar panels that produce hot water in the sanitary facilities, light sensors and ventilators at each watering place, the charter is also present in our overall consumption reflection.
Amongst many things, we have for example replaced all disposable linen with washable linen while our grocery store and our snack bar favour local, seasonal and organic products. We are convinced that these are the little things that make the difference joined together with your responsible and supportive behaviour.
So come discover the charms of Perigord and its prehistoric heritage, whether you’re with family, friends or on your own!!